Your hopes and dreams could take an unexpected turn. The circle of people you meet may change and it will be easy for you to make new friends. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and 11th house of future goals, groups, freedom and how things “ought to be” and should be. If Uranus makes difficult aspects to other planets as it travels, there can be nervousness, uneasiness, mental hesitation, unexpected problems with communication and transportation, and little willingness to listen to good advice. As an aspect of identity, the 11th house, is where you are start to feel like you belong to a group, nation, people, family, political groups, collectives, … If the 11th House is tenanted then this process is likely to involve highly charged situations or encounters with individuals or groups. The 6th house is an earth house and relates to work habits, health routines and employer-employee relationships. The more free-spirited and independent a person is, the more they will be attracted to him or her. Astrology Symbols, Elements, Modalities, & House Types. An Overview–Uranus Transits to the Career Houses As you review events and situations that occurred under past Uranus transits to the career sector, consider the way you responded to its energy. You are drawn to people who are free-spirited at this point in your life. These are interpretations for Uranus transits through the natal houses. In astrology the 11th house represents group identity and group belonging. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 Uranus Rx into 11th House Your social status and connections may vary considerably during the next seven years, owing to abrupt changes largely beyond your control because they are unforeseen. It is a radical moment in your life in which you are willing to sacrifice your safety for the sake of your freedom. You feel a strong desire to free yourself from restrictions, whether from parents, bosses or authorities. There will be a definite change in your lifestyle, and a new self-image. At this time you have a better sense of your role in life and what you can do to enhance the lives of others. The possibility of long trips is very likely, and, if you are going to college, you will learn new and stimulating things. There is a tendency to break with old friendships and affiliations or groups that no longer make sense and establish new ones that are going to have a very profound and transforming influence on your life, be it for good or … The opposite is also possible, that your children have inspiring and positive innovative experiences. Uranus in the eleventh house is somewhat similar to having Aquarius on the cusp here. On the one hand, you feel detachment with respect to money and material possessions, and, on the other, you feel extremely happy being generous, inviting friends and spending money in associating with new groups and interests related to them. There can be radical changes that arise from the unconscious caused by things that have been hidden for a long time. When Uranus transits through your eighth house, there will be severe changes in everything that relates to values and goals that need a total revaluation with respect to business deals, finances, or anything associated with these issues. Uranus transits give you a chance to open yourself up to new horizons. The Uranus in Cancer in the natal chart generations are radical about home and family. Transit Uranus in 11th House in transit meaning - Transit Uranus in 11th House has contains a large amount of symbolism that can be seen below. When transit Uranus is in your 1st house, you can experience a great deal of change in your life, especially as this transit begins. The 5th House also rules hobbies, sports, and games. You will now be attracted to new types of friends, people who defy your old ways. Sometimes the technical side comes out and you may get involved with electronics or science. Uranus often goes retrograde as well, again changing the time it takes to travel the whole house. Since this is the house of hopes and wishes, you may change some of your goals. Uranian high ideals can free us from stagnating situations. If Uranus is in your 11th House. The material side of life will need to be understood on a totally different level. They may even join a group that studies metaphysics or something else not everyone has access to. People having Uranus in 11thhouse can experience many changes in the relationships with their friends and all the time meet new and strange people. Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of a natal Uranus in eleventh house in astrology! Transit Uranus through Natal 11th House : You will change social and friends circle suddenly to achieve materialistic goals. Drive carefully. By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Uranus Transits in the Houses. This story perfectly describes this Transit. There will always be innovation in any work you undertake now. This moment will bring to your life a new vision and a new kind of understanding. This could even lead to an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. Your social circle could open up in exciting new ways. Uranus Transits the Eleventh House. You may change your appearance in some way that’s different from how you’ve been in the past or how you think other people want you to be. Changes in your social circle occur now, and you are meeting new and unusual people. You may find that spiritual practices provide breakthroughs that help you release what is holding you down. If transiting Uranus makes difficult aspects, you can become very eccentric and impractical with respect to all of the above. Uranus transits your 11 th house The 11 th house represents friendship and long-term goals. Altogether, Uranus in the 4th is an exciting relief from the chains of the past. Uranus shows where you are different than most people. When Uranus transits through your fourth house, it is very possible that there will be changes of address and environment in this period, caused, for example, by a divorce. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects, it can provoke revolutionary attitudes at work, accidents, sudden illnesses, nervousness, and irregular behavior. However, if you resist this, your unconscious will provoke you anyway, and, in this case, will manifest in the form of events that will unbalance you. It is a waste of time to seek security, because you will have the feeling of not being able to count on anything, and by staying flexible you will have new and unexpected experiences. You want to have more freedom and independence to be who you are, and you’re more willing to explore unconventional ways of living. Uranus affects your friendships and enlivens your social circle. There is also the possibility of making money through friends and groups. And the vicious cycle begins. When Uranus transits through your third house, your old customary way of thinking, communicating and seeing will radically change. These are also good times for meditation and the development of your intuitive and clairvoyant tendencies accompanied by the understanding of their secret motivations. A transit of Uranus to its own House has the effect of freeing up a person from commitments, be they to people, organisations or ideologies, which have served their purpose. Uranus person helps House 11 person remain true to their individualistic nature even in a crowd. As Uranus transits your solar 11th house, you’re likely to cut ties with casual friends, colleagues, peers or associations that don’t share your values, and/or you may discover a group of like-minded souls and feel a great sense of belonging. Your circle of friends may expand during this time to include unconventional people. For Cancer Rising and Sun Signs, Uranus transiting your 11th house can bring many benefits through dramatic and surprising changes to your hopes, dreams and expectations! When Uranus transits through your eighth house, there will be severe changes in everything that relates to values and goals that need a total revaluation with respect to business deals, finances, or anything associated with these issues. Things will be difficult however and you may find yourself blocked on whatever path you choose, so try to keep plans loose as you won’t be given the whole story. It is likely that in your life you are too rigid for certain patterns of behavior, so now is the time to break free and look for a different type of work, especially in the field of services that gives you more opportunities to have new experiences. Those in their life who limi… It is also associated with your hopes, dreams, and wishes. More detail about Uranus retrograde 2020 follows some general information at Uranus retrograde in transit. You will want to break the mold of the past. By gaining an idea about Transit Uranus in 11th House and the associations it has we gain a more intuitive insight into its meaning. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, because with the energy of Uranus here, it is better to be conscious and aware of the changes it asks of you, otherwise the changes will be provoked by some unexpected event. Transit Uranus in the 11th house will bring unconventional and original people to your life. You don’t care about being what other people want you to be, and want to be yourself. Uranus wants you to let go of the baggage that weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward. Transit Uranus in the 12th House Meaning, Transit Birth Chart, Uranus Astrology Free Interpretations. When Uranus transits the 11th house, we often have a desire to join groups of like-minded people. When Uranus transits in your second house, personal values and attitudes go through fluctuations and irregular and sudden variations. True liberation consists of: reaching the point where structures are adopted by choice and where your life is created by you. There will be unexpected short trips and/or communications that probably have to do with siblings, friends, neighbors or partners. When Uranus transits through your tenth house, you will probably learn new and unusual methods of reaching professional goals and ambitions. In astrology the 11th house represents group identity and group belonging. Natal Uranus in Eleventh House in Astrology. Perhaps also new friendships, leaving aside some old ones. The 11th house is the areas of life that bring together your passions and the things you have learned. Uranus transit in the 11th house: Uranus rules the 11th house so this is a happy placement. The dominant mark when Uranus transits through your fifth house is freedom and active enthusiasm: friends who are out of the ordinary, original and artistic, also the possibility of a romantic infatuation. You require more freedom in your friendships and in the groups that you belong to, and you don’t want to feel tied down by them. Little tremors in the groups and organizations you belong to. Under Uranus transits, we never like to do things in old, routine ways, so you will tend to be much more innovative now. It will be key at this moment to maintain mental flexibility in all things. When Uranus transit’s the 6th house, there can be sudden changes and breakthroughs at work. If you’re having a difficult transit to these areas, ask yourself which of its less constructive traits you might be expressing and how those traits might wind up creating an … The need for freedom in relationships calls for attention at this time, and now it is time to make changes. There is a lot of tension now in existing relationships and between partners. You can see how to meet others’ needs or how you fit into the grand scheme of things on a personal level. Transit Uranus in the 11th house The 11th house is the house Uranus naturally rules, so having transit Uranus in the 11th house can make it more comfortable for you to focus on your dreams, make changes in your life, be true to yourself, go outside of your comfort zone, feel hopeful, take up causes, be independent, and expand your social circle. Specialwoman. Uranus in 11th house man or woman wants to be so different that there is no one label that people could use to describe you. This is a wonderful time to write or give lectures on these topics. You will be able to see people for who they really are, and you will not be judgemental. It is NOT by your choice. You often have a deep connection to ancestral ties and the experiences your ancestors went through. The push towards freedom and the need to let go is a symbol that change is more than expected. All rights reserved. When Uranus transits through your seventh house, the unusual is combined with the unexpected. Thanks to this mental flexibility, you will be attracted to stimulating and new ways of thinking and radical and innovative solutions to social problems. The domination of old customs of the past will be broken. Both can change the duration of this transit considerably. Friendship with occult practitioners, humanitarian deeds will increase. You can have situations occur that seem unexpected and sudden, and they instigate change. When Uranus transits in your first house, you will feel a strong impulse to break any obstacle or limitation imposed by others. What happens is your partner (your mirror) senses you are moving towards freedom and they act out in ways that further your desire for freedom. Last Transit: Years 1948-1956. Whichever it is, you must maintain a willingness to be flexible. Your daily life will become more intense, and communication with others more important. This is a perfect time to take up new forms of recreation. Money causes differences among friends. Your friends can suddenly turn against you, suddenly becoming secret enemies. Uranus Transits the 10th House. You will want to achieve a new freedom with the group you associate with, or the opposite may happen and you will rebel against their ideals. Uranus In 11th House: Negative Traits. If Uranus is making difficult aspects as it transits, there may be a sudden and unexpected death related to friends or partners. Sometimes the technical side comes out and you may get involved with electronics or science. ith Uranus transiting your 11th house you will experience disruptions to your long term plans. Making money in a new and unusual way is also characteristic. This transit could affect you with respect to joint resources, taxes, insurance, alimony, or inheritance. Both may have friends and social justice interests in common. There are great possibilities of a relationship with an unusual person, but you have to be careful with relationships that start now, because they can be just a form of escapism from your normal relationship model. If transiting Uranus makes difficult aspects, your friends may be imprisoned, hospitalized or perhaps unexpectedly released. While it’s good to question things, you take it a step further by rejecting things simply because others like them. New and unusual people may show up in your world or you could get involved in humanitarian groups that help to broaden your view of the world. It is said that it is also possible that there is a sudden death on some occasions. If at this moment you are involved in a relationship and this relationship allows you to be yourself fully, it can be transformed rather than destroyed. This can happen in your private life, which can change suddenly and drastically and take an unexpected direction. The 11th house is the areas of life that bring together your passions and the things you have learned. You will be very interested in topics of ecology and things that have to do with the Earth: divination, mining, organic gardening. What to expect during a Uranus transit to the 11 th : There’s an upswing in your social life as lively, trendy, people suddenly appear and then, just as you’re getting used to them, they’re history. It can also be that children (either your own or those around you) become very rebellious or difficult, or that they have accidents, or fall sick, especially if you have some difficult aspect that indicates this in your birth chart. If you have Uranus in the eleventh House of groups, friends, and social and future concerns (ruled by Aquarius energy) you’re independent, intuitive and slightly aloof and you probably spend a lot of time with your head in a world of ideas which are all slightly ahead and above the people you’re with. It can also lead to profound intuitive, clairvoyant and mystical experiences, and it can stir up the desire to penetrate deeply into the sexual experience and its tantric aspect, even provoking the energy of the Kundalini and the circulation of light throughout the entire body. Uranus in 12th House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a070a3e786265cf48e6a41863d5aac0d" );document.getElementById("ea8de0b9b4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2009–2021 Astrology Library. It can release us from dependency on family members. You will also be attracted to topics related to electronics, the media, scientific research, astrology, occult sciences, etc. You will be attracted to bohemian people. You could have a falling out with your friends. You may also receive government assistance or corporate money to accomplish your goals and objectives. When in the 11th house, Uranus has an impact over friendships and the natives’ social circle. Information about Uranus retrograde in the natal chart can be found at the end of this article. No comments yet. Transit Uranus in the 11th House When transit Uranus is in your 11th house, you meet people who are different, original, inventive, and unique. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects with other planets, it can cause you to spend money impulsively and irregularly. You can be impulsive, a rebel, and take risks. Synastry Uranus in the other person's 11th house: How do you create progressive breakthroughs by building on your unique visions and strengths? Uranus in Cancer ♋︎ in the natal chart. Changes with respect to financial matters and material. Cancer-Changes in your social circle are likely to occur as Uranus transits the 11th house. Uranus transiting the 11th house This is a topsy-turvy time concerning the positions of those around you. The staunchest friends may desert you in time of need, while strangers and even those seeming to be enemies rush to your side to aid you. Be aware of unexpected, hidden enemies at this time. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. So Uranus retrograde 2020 brings exciting opportunities for fun, pleasure, friendship, romance, money, and beautiful works of creative genius. This is typically through to be a time of change in your vocational life and more specifically your career. But Uranus in the 12th House is a SUBCONSCIOUS need for FREEDOM… even from the very person you love. If Uranus makes difficult aspects, you may end your current relationships and start new ones. You may also experience change in your mental thoughts causing you to look at life differently allowing you to make some positive changes. Erratic routines and daily habits change rapidly. You become the outcast among your group. Some of the obstacles include being impractical and unsteady, impatient, or foolishly rebellious. When Uranus transits through your sixth house, there is a sense of dissatisfaction with what you think you should do now. This is the time, also, when you can develop an interest in special healing techniques or in the use of astrology for medical diagnosis and find a totally new line of work. At this moment, the focus is on the most intense and profound aspects of your life, where nothing can be taken for granted, where what is asked is a constant flexibility so that one realizes that what is being challenged is what was much too rigid. If the aspects are very difficult, this can happen to you. You will not be comfortable with the norm, nor with conservative ways of thinking, because you now realize that there are ways to achieve aspirations in which you would not even have dreamed of, previously. Uranus Transiting the Tenth House. September 26, 2018 May 26, 2019 by Specialwoman. Uranus transiting the Fourth House will shine a spotlight on your home and you may kick off the transit with an ambitious plan to move house or decorate your existing one. There may be sudden changes in professional status, even to the point of encouraging support for liberal causes that promote radical and revolutionary ideas. 3154 . We give more thought to broader issues and what is going on with ‘the people.’ Sometimes this can mean the replacement of friends or it can be the catalyst for change and revelations in the broader scheme of things. Third House With a Uranus house transit through your third house everyday encounters with neighbours, relatives, friends and routine activities are likely to be more unpredictable. This transit could affect you with respect to joint resources, taxes, insurance, alimony, or inheritance. It is the expression of whatever the subconscious is suppressing and which the conscious mind has problems in assimilating. Therefore, enjoy your position and friends, but do not rely heavily on them to support you, as they may suddenly vanish, remold, and reappear. When Uranus transits through your ninth house, there will be great events that will awaken you to a certain aspect of your thinking that, in some way, is not valid and requires a readjustment, and this is the perfect moment to discover and change it without great difficulties.